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Our Sunglasses

Made from 100% Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate (plastic), a high grade material, which allows for a beautiful polish and finish. Together with Stainless Steel, this makes for a very strong and light sunglasses giving  a high quality feel.


All our sunglasses are designed to hold  prescription lenses, so please visit Store Locations to find your nearest selected supplier. Each store listed has been carefully selected to look after you and advise you on the fit and suitability for your prescription lenses .

All the sunglasses colors are in the Irish language Gaeilge :)


Our Lenses


All our sunglasses are 100% UV Protection and  Polarised. 

Made from a tough optical plastic material CR39 with a hard coat on both surfaces to aid with scratch prevention.

Being  Polarised this means horizontal glare you may find from water, snow, roads, and sand is eliminated.  In Australia this makes a huge difference to improving your vision and comfort .


All our lenses have been manufactured to comply with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1067:2003 for sunglasses and fashion spectacles.

Lens Category 3



New Arrivals ( Suli Designs)


Named after the designer's wife, Suli, the Indonesian batik designs are from her local city, Solo.

Our designer has redesigned and customised the sunglasses bridge (C-Fit), to make a better overall fit on your nose. If you have a less prominent nose bridge and find that your sunglasses tend to sit on your cheek, these will suit you.

Model LS104 Donn
Model Suli Do Col 1
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